I've only had my podcast a couple months, but it's definitely improved my life
  1. I have something new to focus on
    I was basically only thinking about my kid and politics, which is not fun. I mean, I love my kid, but you have to have something else. And politics? So infuriating and not good for someone like me to think about all the time. Now I have something new to think about.
  2. Talking about tv is a silly fun thing
    It's been awhile since I spent a ton of time talking about pop culture and I forgot how fun it is. It's good not to be so serious all the time.
  3. I can enjoy my husband having a different opinion from me
    Normally I want Dylan & I to like all the same shows, but the podcast is more fun to record if he hates the shows I like.
  4. I'm improving my social networking skills
    I was always an Instagram & Twitter lurker, but I've had to learn how to properly use them to promote the podcast. I'm still learning, but feel like my #hashtag game is #onfleek.
  5. I get to watch lots of tv shows
    Since we watch a different tv pilot every episode, I get to watch a lot of tv. It's nice to try new shows, and now I can say I don't like NCIS without the fear that I'm being unfair because I've now seen an episode and know I hate it.