1. Video store
    I miss wandering around the store until I found just the right movie. I also miss fighting with friends about what that movie should be. Now my husband and I just watch movies at home that we've seen a million times.
  2. Mix tapes
    I could spend a whole day working on the perfect mix tape.
  3. Borders bookstore
    Both shopping and working there. RIP
  4. Not having bills
    Kids don't appreciate their lack of bills.
  5. Console tvs
    It's a tv AND a piece of furniture!
  6. When The Real World was real
    I loved the boring lives those London kids led.
  7. Kids Incorporated
    K! I! D! S!
  8. The belief that most people are good
    Too many people are crummy.
  9. That cronut I ate a couple weeks ago
    That shit was tasty!