Waking up to the annoying sound of an alarm just to be reminded instantly that you can't sleep in, it really sucks! Here are a few of my tricks for just getting up.
  1. Don't hit that snooze button!
    Trust me, you feel way less tired after the first time you wake up. The more you keep hitting snooze the more tired you'll feel.
  2. Keep a glass of water by your bed.
    As soon as you wake up, chug down some refreshing water. You're body just went 6-8 hours (or in this case 4 hours) without water, you'll be amazed at how awake you feel after rehydrating.
  3. Splash cold water on your face.
    It's what your grandpa always told you (or maybe he was the type to dump it on you while you were still in bed). Either way, this really does work. I often do this when I get that mid-afternoon crash, perks me right up!
  4. Go for the coffee, double.
    Only after you chug some water do you go for the big "C."
  5. Eat a light breakfast.
    Don't go scarfing down a hefty meal of bacon, eggs, grits, potatoes, cheese, etc. This will only weigh you down like a Thanksgiving dinner and have you really for a nap. Instead, eat some toast with peanut butter on top.
  6. Send me your tips and tricks for waking up after a few hours of sleep.