I'm 60 but I never realize it until someone reminds me. I'm definitely the new 40!
  1. Re-differentiating my fiancé today & naming him "Big Daddy"; our tea cup poodles think daddy isn't Human Daddy...Now they know, phew. 🙇🏻🐩🐾🐩🐾
  2. Big Daddy is taking his role seriously. Finally the poodles are taking head. Little Daddy (Tobi & son Popeye) are suddenly understanding they are not the boss of us! LOL!🐩🐾🙇🏻🐩🐾
  3. All day Big Daddy has been cracking me up & texting his friends that he's been "re-differentiated", too funny. I should have done this long ago...🙇🏻👓
  4. What I always tell my Fiancé is; "hey, if I don't know the answer, I just make it up!" Again, maybe it's the humor in our relationship but we keep it fun & light. Try humor...it works!