I've had a challenging life regardless of how I relate it. But I feel the answer is...Happiness in all ways and always!!!
  1. Being with my Fiancé, Hugh. I love to laugh and since I've met and been with him, my life has been a blast!
  2. Having my life complete with Hugh!
  3. Having my son, Ray so close to me after 34 years!
  4. Spending time with my two grandsons; Cristian & Gavin...
  5. Spending time with my beautiful granddaughters; Angelina & Riley!
  6. Enjoying time with my adorable toy poodles; Popeye & Tobi. They make me laugh hysterically.
  7. Just living the life I've lived and the fun I've had!
  8. All of my Facebook friends on most occasions make me laugh when appropriate to laugh...
  9. My 90 year old parents crack me up...but it takes me about a week to realize what they said, seriously could not be what they mean...Seriously!
  10. Not taking myself too seriously!