1. How much I love the sound of rain
  2. The sense of wonder I get when I see snow falling
  3. That age changes how intense situations and emotions feel
    When a baby is born, the slight hunger of 5 minutes without food is the worst they have ever felt. I just saw a kid crying because his mom hid the Halloween candy in the oven, and then turned it on to make dinner. That's just candy, but that's very possibly the saddest he has ever been in his life. Even though middle schoolers aren't really I love, that's the most in love they have ever been. It doesn't mean these things are real tragedies, but the people experiencing them feel them deeply.
  4. That all people are people
    Even the ones who look different. Even the ones who love differently. Even the jerk who cut me off in traffic. And they all live lives as robust and interesting as mine.
  5. It's not about you.
    A lot of the time, people don't think about you when they do things. Mostly people think about themselves. So you shouldn't take it as a personal attack if someone interrupts you.
  6. Employees can't change company policies.
    They can't affect prices, or return policies. Disneyland cast members directing traffic don't decide where people can or can't sit. Don't get mad at them for something they have no control over.