1. I did not wear makeup in high school. My friend tried to show me one time, and my mom tried to explain it to me, but the idea of putting a bunch of shit on your face to look like you do not have anything on your face ( both my friend and my mom went for pretty nude looks) did not make any sense to me. Also cousins tried and I was still like "nah."
    Because also it is hella expensive and easy to buy the wrong color???? Why do you put yourselves through this????
  2. I wore foundation and I think maybe lipgloss to my prom and graduation my senior year of high school, 100% only to appease my mom.
  3. Not. In. To. That. Shit.
  4. I did not wear makeup in college. My freshman year roommate wore it, and it seemed like she kid of enjoyed putting it on. I was mildly intrigued, but still went "nah."
  5. Then I studied abroad in France for a semester.
  6. I remember seeing a woman walking through a farmer's market in a reasonably warm day, wearing a fur coat. And this seemed highly ridiculous to me - why you dressin fancy? They are selling vegetables!!!
  7. But at the same time, it kind of made me think: wait, is she fancy?
  8. The school I studied abroad through was 100 American students, and the got more than a little sloppy
    The school changed rules for outings because we were so out of control and drunk all the time.
  9. So that helped me frame French women as sophisticated and pulled together.
    Obviously there are sloppy Frech women and refined American women, but this is how I saw it at the time.
  10. I came back from France and worked seasonally at a bank, in a job I was over-qualified for, with people who kind of seemed to have just settled into their job and stopped looking forward.
  11. And I decided that I didn't want to be one of them. I wanted to be more like those French women, who walked around like they mattered.
  12. And one of the ways I decided I would enact that French-ness was to start wearing makeup.
    It helped that this was the year cat-eye eyeliner came back in, and I really liked that look. I've always appreciated that 50's aesthetic, but cat eye was a good way to incorporate the 50's into my life without looking like a caricature.
  13. So I went from 0 to 100. I bought foundation and concealer and a bunch of lipsticks and liquid eye liner.
    My mom tried to convince me to start with a pencil liner, but I was having none of that. Also I had a really hard time with lipstick (finding a good color, the hassle of reapplying throughout the day, etc), so that dropped out pretty quick.
  14. And what I found when I started wearing makeup, is that it made me feel like the best version of myself. That was still my face, and it still looked like me, but it felt like a stronger, more powerful, prettier me. And I really liked that.
    It also helped that I started reading style books at this point - the best of which were by Tim Gunn. One book (not Tim's) said you should wear lipstick everyday, because it'll boost your confidence and you probably already have some. This advice didn't work for me, but I combined it with Tim's idea that getting dressed each morning is a chance to present yourself to the world, and wore my eyeliner everyday instead of lipstick.
  15. I've stopped wearing the eyeliner everyday, because I've stopped making time for myself in that way. But I still think of putting on my makeup as a chance to prepare for the day, and make myself look the part.
    I still look like myself, but a version of myself that is ready to kick some ass at work, instead of the one that wants to crawl back into bed and lament that I still live with my parents.
  16. So know that people don't just wear makeup for boys, or for other people.
  17. I wear makeup for me.