Hot dogs, bratwurst and nachos are all staples of an important football game experience. And while most college football fans compare their alma maters based on wins and losses, maybe we should also start comparing them by concessions. If we do, here are 10 schools that are competing for the College Football Concession Playoffs.
  1. Everything - Cotton Bowl, Red River Shootout
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    The Cotton Bowl is a great stadium with good food, but every year a major event upstages its concessions: the Texas State Fair. That’s right, before and after seeing Oklahoma and Texas play a historic rivalry game, their fans can mingle together at the biggest gathering of unhealthy foods in the entire nation. Just eat as much as you can and hope you don’t have a coronary.
  2. New Orleans Cuisine -Death Valley, Louisiana State University
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    LSU may be located in Baton Rouge, but Tigers fans wouldn’t know it based on their food selection. They have catfish po boys, spicy jambalaya and basically any other staple New Orleans dish you can think of. And you don’t have to deal with a million drunken idiots on Bourbon Street. Well, you’ll still have to deal with drunken idiots, but not nearly as many.
  3. Nacho Madness - Camp Randall Stadium, University of Wisconsin
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    Lucky for the state of Wisconsin, football fans love cheese and sausages, so it’s basically a Tailgate Mecca. The Wisconsin Badgers are well-aware of this fact and tailored their concessions to their unhealthy clientele. Their signature dish is Nacho Madness. It’s just like regular nachos, but it’s topped with bratwurst and cheese curds. Wisconsinites can’t even enjoy nachos without topping it with encased meats and cheese curds. There is something seriously wrong with that state.
  4. Marionberry BBQ Sandwiches - Autzen Stadium, University of Oregon
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    At a Ducks game, fans can enjoy a barbecue sandwich topped with a sauce made out of marionberries, which are “a blend of genetically-engineered hybrid blackberries,” and coffee. They’re basically creating their own style of barbecue in Eugene. Would a Texan find this delicious? Probably not. But for anyone who’s not a barbecue snob, it’s going to be one of the best things you’ll ever eat.
  5. Frozen Lemonade - Sanford Stadium, University of Georgia
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    The folks at Georgia know their fans deserve some creativity when it comes to beverages. That’s why they decided to offer frozen lemonade. Sounds a little unoriginal, but if you’ve ever been outside in Georgia in late August, you know you’ll need something to cool off. A regular lemonade will turn warm in about 30 seconds, so a frozen one will keep you refreshed for much longer. So while your team isn’t getting blown out by the Crimson Tide, at least you won’t be suffering from heat stroke.
  6. Udder Delights Ice-Cream Sandwiches - Spartan Stadium, Michigan State University
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    The staff at Spartan Stadium is well-aware of these facts, which explains why they named their most famous concession treat the “Udder Delights Ice Cream Sandwiches.” Even if these ice cream sandwiches sucked (which they don’t), they’d still sell a ton of them with that name alone.
  7. Maple Donut - LaVell Edwards Stadium, Brigham Young University
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    At LaVell Edwards Stadium, if you’re in the mood for something different, you can feast on some maple doughnuts. They even tried to make the longest maple doughnut in the world a few years ago, so they clearly care a lot about the quality of their pastries. Don’t worry, they also offer grilled burritos as well. No one’s going to force you to eat a dozen doughnuts, but you probably wouldn’t complain if someone did.
  8. Dreamland BBQ Nachos - Bryant-Denny Stadium, University of Alabama
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    Dreamland BBQ Nachos actually has nothing to do with Alabama’s recent success. They’ve been providing Tuscaloosa with delicious food ever since 1958, which just happens to be the debut season of legendary Crimson Tide coach Bear Bryant. So for nearly 60 years Alabama fans have been chowing down on delicious nachos topped with the best barbecued meats. Doesn’t that just make hate them more?
  9. The Runza -Memorial Stadium, University of Nebraska
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    At Memorial Stadium, there’s tons of great food such as tube steaks and cheddar brats. But the best, although not at all the healthiest, option is the Runza. It’s a dough pocket filled with ground beef, cheese and onions. It’s sort of like a burrito, but filled with stuff you can find in Nebraska.
  10. The Mizzou Dog - Faurot Field, University of Missouri
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    The Mizzou Dog is absolutely worth every dollar it costs. They take a regular hot dog, add some onion straws and then top it with chopped brisket. It’s a combination of Americana and classic Southern barbecue. And you don’t even have to deal with annoying Southern football fans to get it. Win-Win.