Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower currently living in exile in Russia, joined Twitter two weeks ago today. Snowden began trolling on the social networking site by exclusively following the NSA, but also spent some time doing what we all do on the internet - commenting on pictures of cats. Here are a selection of his feline-related tweets.
  1. "Cats complete me."
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    Credit: @rae3757
  2. "I was told to stop tweeting cat pictures. This is a protest. The cat pictures will continue until morale improves."
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    Credit: @GregSherrow
  3. "He's magnificent. I love cats. Thank you."
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    Credit: @EtTuCarl
  4. "That is an adorable study aid."
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    Credit: @gillianim
  5. "Fus Ro NYA!"
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    Credit: @jearle