More turkey and gravy? Turn on the printer.
  1. Living Appetizers
    Even local produce has to be delivered. That’s why food designer Chloé Rutzerveld came up with Edible Growth—printed spheres that contain yeast, spores, and seeds. In three to five days on your counter-top, they grow into living amuse-bouches of plants and fungi. Think Chia Pets, but tinier. And tastier. (Learn more:
  2. Personalized Potatoes
    Swappable “ink” cartridges make it easy to personalize printed foods. Each serving of mashed potatoes can have custom levels of vitamins and minerals, plus just the right amount of pepper. “Person A would receive this many milligrams of vitamin B12, while person B gets so many of omega 3’s,” says food innovator Kjeld van Bommel.
  3. Sustainable "Turkey"
    Insects produce far less water and air pollution than livestock. They can be ground up and used to print protein with whatever taste and consistency you prefer, says Dorothée Goffin, director of the Smart Gastronomy Lab at the University of Liège in Belgium. For the bug-averse, protein-rich algae works too. (Learn more:
  4. Even more ways!
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