Tv is the best. Never forget.
  1. Master of None
  2. Good Girls Revolt
  3. The Good Wife (Season 7)
    Ugh who knows, why must CBS be so stupid and refuse to just put things on Hulu like everyone else?? No one wants to watch your dumb CBS-only exclusiveness.
  4. Keep up with Casual
    Hulu (so hard to remember to watch things when they're dropping one at a time!)
  5. Keep up with Brooklyn 99
  6. Doctor Who (Season 8)
    Ask Luke
  7. The Affair
    Hulu extension
  8. Masters of Sex
    Hulu extension
  9. WHEN WILL THERE BE MORE OF: Peaky Blinders (not sure how long I can live without Tommy Shelby), Ripper Street, White Chapel, Luther, Reign on streaming something
  10. Suits (rewatch 4, 5)
    Once it's streaming somewhere
  11. Royal Pains (season 7)
    Streaming somewhere
  12. Marvel's Jessica Jones
  13. Indian summers
  14. The Man in the High Castle