Most people seem to be thankful for their spouses and children, at least according to social media. Since I have neither, I thought I'd consider what things in my life I'm actually really thankful for, even if they sound cheesy.
  1. Francis the cat
    Is it sad to put my cat first? Whatever, Francis is the best, he's so cute and good at snuggling and keeping my feet warm, plus I love his little chirping noises.
  2. Health
    Aside from potential side effects resulting from holiday overeating, I'm lucky to have relative health.
  3. My job
    Even though sometimes I feel like the stress is probably taking years off my life, my job is a pretty good gig and I'm lucky not to have to worry about employment.
  4. Family
    They may not be perfect but they have given me lots of care and opportunity, and I'm definitely thankful for that.
  5. Friends
    I've got some of the best people in the world, and they're spread far and wide. Truly lucky there.
  6. A safe and comfortable home
    Especially with daily reminders in images of Syrian (and other) refugees, I am really lucky to have a safe, warm home and more things than I need inside of it, including warm, clean clothes, too many shoes, and a bathroom with clean water.
  7. Too much food
    Though my belly may be groaning right now because it's been stretched to its limits, I am lucky to have plenty of access to healthy, tasty food.
  8. Netflix
    All the British detective shows I want, right at my fingertips; what luxury!
  9. Wine
    Wine makes life better, whether it's a glass with my Netflix or over dinner with friends, so I am thankful for it.
  10. NPR
    I'm grateful to have a source of information that I can trust not to make stuff up and to be entertaining and interesting.
  11. My high school
    Will never stop being thankful for Girls Preparatory School, and all the people who made it possible for me to go there (especially my mom), because it had probably the most to do with who I have become.
  12. Books
    Books make our brains go and are the best. We are lucky to be able to read whichever ones we want.
  13. Green spaces
    Thankful to live in a community that has prioritized ensuring that people have access to paths and open spaces. Life would be pretty different without them.