Because after a certain age, you don't want proactiv stains on your good towels. Bonus: fewer chemicals on your body.
  1. Dr. Woods Pure Black Soap
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    Like many products on this list, Dr. Woods has an almost cult like following, with thousands of five star Amazon reviews. At only about $8 for 32oz, this stuff is a bargain, and it works wonders on troubled skin (though be forewarned: a initial "drawing out" period will make you want to wear a large veil and/or mask for the first couple of weeks).
  2. Thayer's Witch Hazel Toner
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    Anything that has been around since 1847 has gotta be good, right? Witch Hazel is a proven natural zit zapper, and the balance with aloe makes it less drying than other products. There are a few scents but I prefer the classic Rose because it evokes women in the 19th century sitting at their pretty dressing tables dabbing on toner while chatting about James Polk's presidency.
  3. Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque
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    So many great things are evoked in this name: queens, mint juleps, and the spelling of mask that involves a Q. This is a classy mask (sorry, masque) for your classy face and it has a great cooling effect and leaves skin moisturized and cleansed. Bonus: I use it as a spot treatment for trouble areas in between treatments.
  4. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay
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    Are you going to smell great while slathering a mask made from this beauty editor favorite all over your face? Nope. Will it feel relaxing the first time your face "pulsates" as the clay gets to work on your pores? Negative. Is this $5 jug flying off shelves because it is basically a Dyson for your blackheads? You got it. Stick with the smell and pulsating to wave bye to years of gunk!
  5. Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar
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    Disclaimer: like the dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding with Windex, my mother believes Apple Cider Vinegar is a cure for anything. And you know what? I'm starting to believe her. From a hair wash, to an in a pinch toner, to an all natural kitchen cleaner, to even a nausea remedy, there's very few ailments ACV hasn't taken on. Mixed with the Aztec Secret clay, it makes a potent mask, while a bit in warm water with lemon can help cure the common cold. Do yourself a favor and grab a bottle.