There are as many lists about HGTV cult classic Fixer Upper as there are fantasies about the Property Brothers (call me, Scott twins!), and for good reason-it's easily one of the top home makeover television shows set in Waco, TX.
  1. Pretty much everyone in Waco, TX is either a rocket scientist or works at Baylor University.
  2. The Baylor University football stadium is nicer than Citi field, and they let random children run around on it (granted, Citi Field allows random dogs to run on their field, so...)
  3. In Waco, TX, $200k is considered a "healthy budget" and will easily get you a four bedroom house with five acres and a pool.
  4. In New York City, $200k will maybe get you a parking space in Coney Island, but you have to share it with a Rat King and a homeless man named Joe.
  5. Some 1911 mansions in Waco, TX are listed for $30k which is less than I owe in student loans
  6. Chip and Joanna are madly in love and somehow never seem to annoy each other. #teachusyourways #areyourealhumans
  7. Also, they own a quaint farmhouse and 60 animals so... #lifegoals
  8. Joanna really likes inspiring phrases and hangs them around houses she designs, leading me to believe the key to her perfect adorable farmhouse life is having more inspiring phrases hanging on the wall
  9. Joe and the Rat King are now arguing over whether we should choose "today is a good day for a good day" or "let whatever you do today be enough" for our parking space in Coney Island