The Bowery is a feast or famine type of hotel. The great rooms are legitimately great. The others, not so much. Please add any other exceptional rooms that you prefer to make the list complete.
  1. The "eleven" rooms. 1011, 1111, 1211
    The best rooms in every sense (including value). These corner rooms have views of both the Empire State Building and the Freedom Tower. Even the bathtub, in the oversized bathroom, has a perfect view of the ESB. All of this, and they only charge the basic Bowery King room rate. Have offered to pay the "Deluxe King Rate" for these rooms, and they won't hear of it. Remarkable.
  2. 313, 413
    I am not a fan of oversized suites, as they too easily suggest a degree of Howard Hughes madness. These rooms are perfect "small" suites. There is little to no wasted space. Like the "elevens," they're also corner rooms -- but these have a well-defined seating area. Priced only slightly higher than a Deluxe King Room, they're not the worst value either. And they have a view of the Empire State Building. Only drawback, shower only -- no bathtub.
  3. 610
    One thing I don't understand about this hotel is the "Deluxe King Room" designation. These rooms are technically larger, but have fewer windows and therefore feel cramped. Of these, 610 is the best. It has a large bathroom and the tub opens up to the rest of the room -- great, I guess, if you're in to bathing in front of someone. Drawbacks, there's literally a large support column in the middle of the room and the tub does not have an overhead shower (just the Mr. Microphone handheld option).
  4. The "money is no option" suites. 1401, 1403
    The full Howard Hughes experience. 1401 has a large sitting area framed beautifully by countless floor to ceiling windows. Perfect views of the Freedom Tower and downtown. 1403 has an exceptionally great 300 square foot "Lois Lane" terrace (as in the first Christopher Reeve "Superman") with perfect views of the Freedom Tower and the Empire State Building. It doesn't get much better than that. Drawbacks, 1401 has a really small bathroom with only a shower.
  5. 601 ain't bad!
    A large-ish queen-sized room (I think this is an upgrade?), it has a shower and a bathtub (below some panels that can open to the room, so you can chat whilst bathing?), as well as views of One World Trade and the back "garden" area. Not perfect, but much better than the king room next door at 602, which is much smaller and doesn't have a bathtub.
    Suggested by @hillarykerr