In what I believe is Woody Allen's finest film, Manhattan -- Isaac Davis (played by Allen) sits alone in his apartment, speaking into his tape recorder, and poses the question, "Why is life worth living?" He then answers with this list, in the following order.
  1. Groucho Marx
  2. Willie Mays
  3. The second movement of the Jupiter Symphony
  4. Louie Armstrong's recording of Potato Head Blues
  5. Swedish movies
  6. Sentimental Education by Flaubert
  7. Marlon Brando
  8. Frank Sinatra
  9. Those incredible apples and pears by Cézanne
  10. The crabs at Sam Wo's
  11. Tracy's face
    With the realization that she is the love of his life, he sets down the microphone of the tape recorder and literally runs to her apartment. He arrives as Tracy is in the lobby about to depart for London, and Isaac comments that if he had gotten there two minutes later he would have missed her entirely. But he didn't, and Tracy reassures him that, "You have to have a little faith in people." Rhapsody in Blue swells with a shot of the New York skyline and credits. Perfect.