This isn't in any order it's just a list of movies I love as of 2015
  1. The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight takes our rubber batted friend and puts him in the modern day with real crimes. This could have been a fun-sucking disaster but instead turned into an incredibly gritty existential tale of crime, corruption, and justice. Jim Gordon, Harvey Dent, and Batman all work to stop organized crime. And one man has a problem with the "organized" part. Why can't we return to the good old fashion explosion. The Joker is intimidating, frighting, and has total control.
  2. Spirited Away
    It's amazing that this isn't based on anything. It truly is, how is it even possible so many wonderful, hilarious, gorgeous, and grand elements all came from Studio Ghibli's own Hayao Miyazaki? I love all the designs, characters, storytelling choices, settings, and spirit behind this movie.
  3. The Graduate
    I feel that this movie very subtly captures exactly what we want to see in a movie, and that is a fantasy. We want to see characters in a story that is ultimately an illusion. The Graduate indulges the fantasy of a person being secretive, sporadic, daring, which is in opposition to the everyday life. Mrs. Robinson is Ben's key to escape. However he finds himself going from pleasing all his parents friends to over pleasing himself. Then Elaine keeps him grounded, but he can't escape the past.
  4. A Clockwork Orange
    Now here's a master at work, Kubrick. Kubrick gives us a Alex a young raping psychopath who loves violence music and women. I think Kubrick is very good and sucking the audience into a world while the camera is always following Alex. He is our brochure to the world of gang violence, sick-twisted governments, and youth superiority. Many have said that Alex feels shallow but I still feel like he's out ticket into an unforgiving not world where the murdering rapist are as crazy as the government
  5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    I always feel like relating this movie to Lost in Translation. I just get a charming feeling from the characters, until the movie really kicks into gear. This non-linear "romantic comedy" explores the depths of the mind and slowly tries to erase a majority of your life after one simple mistake. I'm trying to be vague because the first time watching is an incredibly heartwarming experience. I remember it ending and just feeling very grateful that I'm human. Thank you Charlie Kaufman
  6. Inside Out
    This movie feels like it's being told by a 9 year old, and being edited by very smart observant adults. The storytelling in Inside Out remind me of Spirited Away. Here we are in our unknown land picking up little pieces to achieve our ultimate goal. The most important thing about the film is the message. It's so cleverly and beautifully done I have yet to get tearied eyed while watching it. I think it's an important film that teaches a message in away people could never teach it.
  7. To Kill a Mockingbird
    The story of a little girl named Scout being raised in a changing world. All she has to go on is what others tell her, until she gets hands on experience with the evil in the real world. I say "evil" but it's not inherently evil, there is just misplaced prejudice. Scout unknowingly prevents the lynching and murder of Tom Robinson. Scout really doesn't understand, how could she? The way she is raised contradicts how the world sees her. And Boo Radley's scene is magnificent, truly beautiful.