Get ready for the Apple Event with some cool products (not) made by Apple. MacBook Covers, Stands, and the coolest  accessories you wont find at the Apple Store. Full List here:
  1. Uncover
    Screen shot 2016 03 20 at 8.12.08 pm
    Laser-cut customizable MacBook covers! (so many nice designs)
  2. Blockhead
    Turn your Apple charger sideways so it fits in more places
  3. Macbook Cord Organizer
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    Now that you know it exists, you know you need it. 🙄
  4. Brik Book
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    a laptop case made out of LEGOs
  5. Tabtag
    Light diffusing stickers for your MacBook
  6. Portiko
    Screen shot 2016 03 20 at 8.32.25 pm
    If Apple designed a power extension cable it would look like this
  7. OVA
    A beautiful charger dock for the Apple Watch
  8. Glitty
    Screen shot 2016 03 20 at 8.36.10 pm
    A wooden cover for your MacBook