Product Hunt LIVE is an open platform for you to ask the most interesting people in tech, entertainment, and sports anything. This Week's lineup is 🔥🔥. Sign up and ask them anything! Full Schedule: @bjnovak was one of our earlier guests, see last bullet point for the link 😉
  1. 📝 Arianna Huffington (5/27)
    Vloi4vjh 400x400
    Arianna is Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Huffington Post and the Author of The Sleep Revolution. Ask her anything here:
  2. 👑 Lori Greiner (5/26)
    Saghvbev 400x400
    Lori is a Shark on ABC's Shark Tank, a best selling author, and has been called "The Queen of QVC" -- Ask her anything here:
  3. 📱 Dave Morin (5/24)
    Dave morin
    Dave is the founder of path and an early Facebook employee (where he built Facebook Connect, the thing you use to sign in with Facebook to everything). Dave now invests in startups as a VC. Ask him anything here:
  4. 🤓 Kim Horcher (5/25)
    Ka3hed8x 400x400
    Kim is the host of Nerd Alert on TYT and is a futurist. Ask her anything here:
  5. ☕️ Joshua Cooper Ramo (5/23)
    Ldru56qk 400x400
    Joshua is Co-CEO of Kissinger Associate, and is on the Boards of Directors at Starbucks & FedEx. Ask him anything here:
  6. 🔮 Keith Barry (5/23)
    Gllyfswc 400x400
    Keith is an illusionist, mentalist, and has worked with some of the biggest starts in Hollywood. Ask him what it was like reading Morgan Freeman's mind here:
  7. 😀 BJ Novak
    You know who @bjnovak is 😜 The LIVE Chat with BJ took place on October 26th, where he talked about The Office, what he and @dev are working on with @list, and many more things :)