Marijuana Tech 🍁

Marijuana tech products are on the rise! Here's a list of some of the newer ones we've seen 👀
  1. Meadow
    On-demand medical marijuana delivery
  2. Merry Jane
    Snoop Dogg's lifestyle site for all things cannabis
  3. High There
    It's Tinder, for cannabis lovers.
  4. Smoke Reports
    Your Personalized Cannabis Guide
  5. Leaf
    A plug-n'-plant automatic cannabis home grow system
  6. CannaBot
    An A.I. messenger bot for the cannabis industry
  7. TokeToMe
    A messaging app for the cannabis community
  8. WoahStork
    An A.I. backed "Strain Genie" and cannabis dispensary locator
  9. Leafs By Snoop
    The finest quality cannabis designed and curated by Snoop Dogg
  10. Eaze
    Uber for medical marijuana
  11. The Happy Crate
    It's like Birchbox, for cannabis lovers
  12. PotBox
    A premium marijuana subscription club (SF & LA only)
  13. Confident Cannabis
  14. LEVO
    An infusion machine for cannabis