Favorite Classic Comedians

I love comedy, though admittedly I love the classics best.
  1. Jack Benny
    Benny Kubelsky was one of the funniest men in Hollywood for a number of years. His movie, To Be Or Not To Be" is still one of my favorites.
  2. Burns and Allen
    She may be one of the funniest women ever in Hollywood. He was a tremendous straight man, and had wonderful comedic timing too.
  3. Eddie Cantor
    On top of being incredibly funny, he was a very wise man. Eddie Cantor is one of those guys I would love to see a good bio movie on.
  4. Abbott and Costello
    There was no one better than Bud and Lou. Who's On First is still one of the most classic routines ever!
  5. The Marx Bros
    Groucho, Chico, Harpo... No more words necessary
  6. Bob Hope and Bing Crosby
    The Road movies are still one of my favorite things, I can quote lines from multiple songs in these films.
  7. Red Skelton
    I love Mr Kiddiddlehopper!