If you're ever in the great Upstate, consider your itinerary locked! These are the eat and do musts
  1. Snag some Brunch at The Frog Pond on Park
    Cinnamon French toast is righteous
  2. Catch a movie at The Little
    Super quaint movie theater on East, takes you to back in the day!
  3. Lust after a Pulled Pork Sandwich from Dinosaur BBQ
    Go hungry and get the cornbread!
  4. Party at Park Ave Fest
    Once a year this street becomes the ultimate Project X, be there for it
  5. Grab some Froyo from Yummies, watch the sunset over Ontario
    Head up to Webster Whitehouse lodge, walk the pier and chill on the rocks for the sunset
  6. Pound a dog at Dogtown
    Raggedy hot dog hut on Monroe, wicked good dogs though
  7. Bars Bars Bars
    Murphy's Law🍺 - Mex🍹 - Havana Cabana 🍹 The Old Toad🍺 - Ox & Stone 🍸 - City Grill 🍾 Mason's 🍺
  8. Eat at all of the restaurants
    Anything at Veneto Pizza and Pasta, Chicken Parm at Jine's, Prime Rib at Red Osier, Turf & Surf at Black & Blue, Sliders at Trata
  9. Play sand volleyball at HotShots
    Join in on the Friday challenge courts, drink a few tall boys, and meet some local friends!
  10. Scale the walls at Rock Ventures
    On belay!
  11. Drive up to the top of Cobbs Hill Park
    Dream big while taking in the beautiful nighttime city lights!