Push Button Issues

You know the phrase, 'push my button(s)' which means doing something that triggers a negative response. I have buttons. More than others? Maybe. Here are seven.
  1. Fake iced tea
    If it's not brewed from actual tea leaves in house, it's not real tea. And if I'm served a drink with very few ice cubes, or worse, no ice cubes, then it's not ICED tea, which is annoying but not as much as that disgusting sludge that comes from concentrate.
  2. Referring to Africa as if it were a country, not a continent.
  3. Describing Geddy Lee's voice as screachy, unpleasant or other negative comments
  4. Any negative comments about the band Rush
  5. Saying pugs are so ugly they're cute. This is not a compliment.
  6. Fat shaming anyone, even yourself
  7. Braggarts that insist they've had "The best steak ever" -- OR -- "The best barbecue ever" somewhere other than the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area.