Ever sneak a peek at a teenager’s phone? It’s like Soviet code--they’ve got abbreviations for everything, people. Here’s a guide to the acronyms you’ll see most, because we LYMI.
  1. BAE
    Meaning: Before anyone else (but it's used pretty interchangeably with "babe"/"baby") As in: “Skipping out on happy hour early, gotta get home to bae.”
  2. IDGAF
    Meaning: I don’t give a f*&@ As in: “You think I’m a sloppy drunk? IDGAF.”
  3. BBHMM
    Meaning: Bitch better have my money (a song by Rihanna, the queen of IDGAF) As in: 'The BBHMM video is super disturbing but I can’t stop watching it.'
  4. ROFL
    Meaning: Rolling on the floor laughing As in: “Did you see last night’s Inside Amy Schumer? ROFL!”
  5. AF
    Meaning: As f*&@ As in: “My mortgage payment is high AF.”
  6. GOAT
    Meaning: Greatest of all time As in: “Serena Williams is GOAT.”
  7. YOLO
    Meaning: You only live once As in: “Still haven’t filed my taxes. YOLO.”
  8. SMH (or SMDH)
    Meaning: Shaking my head (or shaking my damn head) As in: “Starbucks raised its prices? SMDH.”
  9. HBU
    Meaning: How about you? As in: "I'm getting there at 9:30, HBU?"
  10. KK
    Meaning: Okay, just way more chill As in: "Meet in 10?" "KK"
  11. LYMI
    Meaning: Love you, meant it As in: "Can you do me a huggeeee favor and pick me up a Chobani? LYMI"
  12. ILYSM
    Meaning: I love you so much As in: "That Chobani was seriously perfect. ILYSM"
  13. FTW
    Meaning: For the win As in: "2-for-1 drinks FTW"
  14. TFW
    Meaning: That feeling when As in: "TFW you realize Reading Rainbow is coming to Netflix"
  15. IKR
    Meaning: I know, right? As in: "Teens today are so weird" "IKR?!?!?!"