1. Rachel ("Friends")
    This one is just classic enough to fly under the fangirl radar.
  2. Arya ("Game of Thrones")
    Born with mad survival skills.
  3. Leonard ("The Big Bang Theory")
    Born with mad physics skills.
  4. Piper ("Orange is the New Black")
    Resourceful. Plus, looks great in bright colors.
  5. Aidan ("Sex and the City")
    The nicest baby in the nursery. Who maybe also built the nursery.
  6. Olivia ("Scandal")
    Makes. Things. Happen. (Right after this nap.)
  7. Dylan ("Beverly Hills 90210")
    Has a propensity for love triangles.
  8. Cora ("Downtown Abbey")
    Will follow all the rules--for the most part.
  9. Pacey ("Dawson's Creek")
    All hail the boy next door.
  10. Petra ("Jane the Virgin")
    Most likely to test your patience.
  11. Blair ("Gossip Girl")
    Guaranteed to be queen of her #girlsquad.
  12. Jesse ("Full House")
    For a boy…or a Saved by the Bell-loving girl.
  13. Selina ("Veep")
    Cue the political aspirations.
  14. Finn ("The Good Wife")
    Um, your baby is a dreamboat.
  15. Winnie ("The Wonder Years")
    She’ll be the coolest girl in school.
  16. Barney ("How I Met Your Mother")
    Most likely to come out of the womb high fiving.
  17. Topanga ("Boy Meets World")
    A perfect combo of free-spirited and smart.
  18. Mindy ("The Mindy Project")
    Her pop culture knowledge will know no match.
  19. Don ("Mad Men")
    Born mysterious…but also debonair.