1. Canned wine
    Why transport bottles of red in your cooler when you can pick up a six-pack of wine? It’s so much easier.
  2. Get into bikini body shape (not kidding)
    Fun fact: Two glasses of red wine before bed actually helps you shed pounds. Thank you, #resveratrol.
  3. Make boozy popsicles
    Popsicles were your favorite snack as a kid. Strawberry and wine popsicles are your favorite snack as a mature woman--and they’re extra yummy for the warmer weather.
  4. Pack the perfect picnic
    Sandwiches? Check. Fruit salad? Check. Wine in a box? Double check.
  5. Freeze wine cubes
    Want to keep that spritzer cool without watering it down? We found the solution. You’re welcome.
  6. Pair it with girl scout cookies
    We know you secretly stored a box Thin Mints in the freezer. So take it out, grab a glass and pour yourself some Syrah. Feel free to share but no pressure.
  7. Bathe in it
    OK, maybe not. But we thought we’d give it a shot.