Perfect for your resting beach face
  1. Stand on your tippy toes
    Elongate and tone up those legs
  2. Shift your weight to one side
    Think of your favorite celebrity on the red carpet...
  3. Lift at least one arm up
    Reach for your hat, your hair, your sunglasses... Whatever makes the most sense and looks natural
  4. Don't forget to tilt your chin
  5. Use the water to your advantage
    The waves are your best friend when it comes to covering up areas you’re feeling a teeny bit self-conscious about (looking at you, hips and legs).
  6. Don't leave home without your sarong
    Less bulky than a towel, and doubles as a prop!
  7. Remember, posed shots aren't always the best shots
    Hot damn, you look mega skinny in that reaction shot your hubbie caught right when the surf touched your toes. The takeaway: Movement matters.