Don't break the bank on gas
  1. Download gas buddy
    The app will help you find the lowest gas prices based on your car’s current location. (Another feature: You can actually use it to plan ahead by checking the average price of gas along your route before you hit the road.)
  2. Pack light
    All that extra weight can reduce your car’s fuel efficiency by as much as 17 percent--or a whopping 40 cents per gallon. If you need to haul a ton of extra gear, it’s actually better to attach it to the back of your vehicle in a small trailer to even out the load.
  3. Get a tune-up
    Trust us, it’s better to know that your tires are properly inflated and your engine oil is at the right level before you hit the road. If not, it could cost you big--not just due to fuel inefficiency, but due to unexpected (read: pricey) repairs on the road.
  4. Skip the tolls
    Back roads are your best friend. And there’s a trick to finding them easily. Just open up Google Maps and click the drop-down menu next to Your Location. Then, select Route Options and toggle on the button that says Avoid Tolls.
  5. Invest in an e-zpass
    Not only do you get to whiz past fellow motorists who are stuck in traffic, but as an E-ZPass holder you will typically get a 10 to 15 percent savings at toll booths (even bridges!).
  6. BYO sandwiches
    Prepping and packing some turkey subs will save you money and taste wayyy better than anything at the rest stop.
  7. Use your GPS
    True story: Getting lost costs you money. Why? You have to double back, which means you’re spending more on fuel (and occasionally, tolls, depending on whether or not you decided to route around them).
  8. Rely on last-minute apps like Hotel Tonight
    So, your road trip went off course. There’s no need to shell out major money on impromptu accommodations. Use Hotel Tonight to score cheap same-day hotel deals at a moment’s notice. (Say, an overnight stay at a beachy Charleston hotel for $65.)