1. Buff out stains with a Magic Eraser.
    This little guy cleans way more than bathtubs, and it’s especially handy to clean scuffs and dirt off of white rubber and canvas. Just wet the sponge and buff the stain right out.
  2. Dab your kicks with white vinegar.
    No Magic Eraser? No problemo. Dab a small amount of white vinegar on a paper towel, then gently rub away the stains and scuffs.
  3. Try shampoo for tough stains.
    OK, so you wore your sneaks in Sheep Meadow on a rainy day and now there’s dried, caked dirt on the heels. Grab an old toothbrush and dip it in warm water, then add a dab of mild shampoo. Lather up the area until the stain disappears.
  4. Swap out the laces.
    Here’s a quick fix that will make your old sneakers look like a million bucks again: replace the laces. Best of all, they’ll only cost you a couple of bucks at Duane Reade.
  5. When all else fails, use white nail polish.
    For stubborn dirt that just won’t come out, grab your favorite white nail polish and paint a dab over the stain to camouflage it. Hey, look at you with the cleanest shoes in Manhattan.