I mess up a lot when performing magic. I think the top three would be....
  1. Forgetting the secret
    So I have to take the spectator's ring, in my hand, and move it to my pocket while picking up my ring, which is in my pocket. Obviously I have to do this surreptitiously. There is a good, efficient method and on one performance, I just forgot what it was. I sat there for a solid 3 minutes awkwardly holding some lady's ring trying to remember what to do with it.
  2. Learning that girl pants don't have pockets
    A modular card to pocket routine where, in one phase, the selected card goes into a spectator's pocket. I've successfully stolen the card out of the pack and attempt to ditch it in this girl's pocket. The card gets to where I think her pocket should start and then fails to go in. Because it's not a pocket. It's a fake pocket. Why the hell?! Now I'm standing there awkwardly shoving a card into some girl's leg. Salvaging that one was fun, I'd say more but I'm running out of characters.
  3. Making Miracles
    Not all mishaps are bad. I like doing "fake" magic to disarm my spectators before hitting them with a real illusion. Sometimes, the fake magic becomes real wizardry. I took a selected card and lost it in a pack and had a spectator shuffle it. I asked another spectator to pick a number and then brazenly declared that the card's position from the top of the deck was the number picked. This was supposed to fail and I was supposed to do a "backup" trick. It worked. To this day, I don't know how.