I'm moving. I procrastinated in preparing for this move. Now I'm struggling.
  1. I can't shop adequately.
    I went to Target to buy cleaning supplies so I can clean my things before loading them in boxes. Instead I left Target with a Hamilton CD. 😐
  2. I can't pack adequately.
    Three boxes to fit most of things except clothes. I ended up putting my Hamilton CD in a box and moving that up independently. That is the least efficient thing ever and even Alexander would be disappointed.
  3. I can't let go adequately.
    Every time I look at something, I always think, "meh I'll use it someday." No. No I won't use it ever. I need to just let it go.
  4. I can't lift adequately.
    I put all the books I own into a box. For someone who is illiterate, I own a lot of books. I also threw in all my magic props into this box as well. I was promptly unable to lift this box. 😐
  5. I can't communicate adequately.
    I called the water company and asked them if they could still turn on my water this weekend even though it was 4th of July. They said yes. They emailed me saying it'd be turned on by the 2nd. It's the 3rd. No water. They won't be in office until the 5th. This summer I've survived at various points without each of the three major utilities. Life lessons are being learned.