Because dogs and cats have more friends than you. Check out this cute compilation of furry internet sensations inspired by Putnam's puppy friends, Harlow, Indiana, and Reese.
  1. Harlow & Indiana
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    From the creators of a NYT bestselling book, this famous duo has released their second adorable installment with a new four legged sibling!
  2. Jiff the Pom
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    Upon first glance this pint size Pomeranian looks like a posed stuffed animal. Rest assured he's real, hangs with celebs, and won a Guinness World Record for the fastest 10M run on hind legs (yes, that is a thing).
  3. Grumpy Cat
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    You all know the notoriously aggravated pop culture symbol by now, but we couldn't help but quantify his success once more.
  4. Theo & Beau
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    Similar in age and size, a genius modern mom snags cozy pictures of both puppy and toddler in absurdly adorable photos for your daily dose of Instagram fuzzies. Note: there are now 4 children and 2 dogs so check 'em out stat!
  5. Mr. Bagel the Chinchilla
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    With 97 thousand followers, ChinnyBuddy tells us to say no to fur while offering followers pet rescue options and directing us to his very own webpage!
  6. Mr. Smoosh
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    This short hair feline has the face of a Grandpa and frequently sleeps in cardboard boxes.