Whether you're literally on the run, or just looking to reinvent yourself, these are the places to go to. Add your own suggestions!
  1. Antibes, France
    As Annabelle does in the new novel Along the Infinite Sea. Preferably this involves stowing away on the yacht of a wealthy European prince.
  2. New York, NY
    NY is a city of complete anonymity. Stand on a street corner and scream, cry your eyes out, make out with a random stranger. Seriously, go ahead, no one will look twice.
  3. Ibiza, Spain
    This island spot was cool in the 90's and has faded from popularity in favor of hotspots like Tulum. Unless your BFF is Paris Hilton, no one should recognize you as the tourists cycle in and back out.
  4. Austin, TX
    So trendy these days and you might run into someone you know at SXSW, but still, a safe and fun haven if you're looking for a new career and change of pace.