1. Die Hard
    Yippie Ky Yay
  2. Bruce Almighty
    Bless the shit out of some stuff
  3. Batman Returns
    Early 90's + Selina Kyle = Duh
  4. The Usual Suspects
    Keyser Bloody Soze
  5. Back to the Future Part II
    I prefer THAT version of 2015, and I won't apologize for it.
  6. The Wizard
    Video games? Road trip? "Send Me An Angel" AND the elder Savage. Come on.
  7. The Three Musketeers (1993)
    I'd be Porthos. Love me some Oliver Platt. Plus, Adams, Sting, Stewart. Blessed be thy names.
  8. Blank Check
    Every 90s kid's dream. Glorious.
  9. Ocean's 36
    That's me combining the trilogy into one entry. Boom.
  10. Swingers
    For a while there I felt like I was Mickey, emotionally speaking. Not a bad world to be trapped in.