On Twitter I, and my friends, continue to suggest potential band names based on a news event or a personal interaction. Almost all of these are really bad. Maybe one is okay. If you want to see the context of the name, just search Twitter for "@Quackenfish #bandname."
  1. Critical V
  2. Felony Squatting
  3. Diesel Deception
  4. Soft Robot Tentacle
  5. GMSV (Genetically Modified Spider Venom)
  6. Whip Cream Optional
  7. Nut Rage Coverup
  8. The Salmon Cannon
  9. Cops & Bikes
  10. Mr. Lee's Ancient Chinese Secret
  11. Tolerance for Twee
  12. Bert Horkey
  13. The Ted Ligety Package
    That's gold, baby!
  14. The Egg Matter
  15. Bieber's iPhone
  16. Polar Vortex
    Pretty much everyone, including my 76 year old mother, suggested this one.
  17. The Twerking Mummers
  18. Spraynted Bibble Crumb
    This is not a typo. That is the name. And it's friggin awesome.
  19. Two Pound Dookie
    Or, if you're hip, 2 LB Dook. That was the size of a bowel movement I had. I know…I'm classy.
  20. Nocturnal Jocks
  21. Marmalade Dropper
    Someone PLEASE use this name.
  22. Bursts of Skank
  23. Smitten by Barkley
  24. Cucumber Kosho
  25. Urban Tarzan
  26. Internal Tomahawk
  27. Schizandra
    Another FANTASTIC name. Use it.
  28. Beckham's Butt Double
    Don't ask.
  29. The Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability
    This one is for Mattski, or any other weather geek.
  30. Jan Swammerdan
  31. Dr. Sebagh's Rare Melon
  32. Figgy Pudding
  33. Andy's Eggnog Flashdance
  34. The Hand of Man
  35. Reproducing Bananas
  36. Banana Propagation
  37. Kate is Pregnant
  38. Aunt Pippa
    This might be my favorite. And, considering who it's about, I'm not sure how I would pronounce "Aunt."
  39. Fiscal Cliff
  40. There's Movement, There's Candy
  41. Boo-yah
  42. Vegan Tea
  43. Microban Protection
  44. Pest Guy Doesn't Bing
  45. ChemCan
  46. Bieber on Vinyl
  47. Godzilla Wednesday
    I'm thinking Japanese Punk Rock for this one.
  48. Talented Butt
  49. Fleeting Expletives
  50. Bubblegum Queef
  51. Bert Fury
  52. Snigdha Nandipati
  53. Constant State of Panic
  54. Hot Dog Copter
  55. Mincing with the Wolf
  56. Crosswalk Mincer
    I'm dying of laughter here, Jason.
  57. Four Feral Cats
  58. Softee Takes Credit
  59. Hunky Yogurt
  60. Stamos' Spoon
  61. Fall for the Stamos
  62. Tuba Atlantic
  63. Wonton Wraps
  64. Antoinette's Armonica
    It's not a harmonica…look it up.
  65. Juiced Like Canseco
  66. Bob Costas Eyes
  67. Stoned Frat Boy
  68. Hunting the Squatch
  69. Bigfooting
    This might be perverted, but I think it refers to hunting the Squatch (which is not a sexual thing, just a weird thing).
  70. Thin Mint Dookie
    Geez. Scatological humor isn't really that funny (hee hee).
  71. Two Fingers of Bourbon
  72. Nocturnal Marsupial
  73. Romney & the Mini-Mitts
  74. That That
  75. Said Salad
  76. Funk Drivers
  77. Oates With No Stash
  78. Stache-less Oates
  79. Contaminated Craisins
  80. Howard's Log
    NOT dealing with poop…I think.
  81. Ossification by Martini
  82. Rooster Cogburn
  83. Miss the Mrs
    Very important; no punctuation.
  84. Dr. Oz's Eyebrow
  85. The Hazing Monks
  86. Skorts & Sunglasses
  87. Grilled Olive Loaf
  88. Constable Jones
  89. Fish & Chip Chain
  90. Quote the Wolfster
  91. Places I Didn't Know
  92. Sweating in Places
  93. Tilapia Tenders
  94. Fracking the Bakken
    Should probably really be Rocking the Bakken
  95. Enzyme Modified Cheese
  96. Sansabelt slacks