Remember, I'm only seventeen, so I'm still going to school (FOR 2 MORE WEEKS I HAVE FINAL EXAMS LIKE RIGHT NOW AT THIS MOMENT HELP)
  1. Get up
    (I'm a morning person so that's no problem)
  2. Get in the shower
  3. Get out of the shower and remember I left my towel in my room
  4. Run naked to my room and hope no family member sees me
  5. Dry myself and my hair
  6. Dry my hair again
  7. Oh my god will it ever get dry
  8. Yes i did it
  9. Let's look in the mirror and see what mess I'm in
  10. Oh shit I only have 15 minutes left
  11. Okay go go go day cream, wipe wipe wipe
  12. Literally spend 10 minutes on my eybrows
  13. Are they even, did I fill them in good, do they look natural???
  14. Yes they're perfect you're perfect let's go
  16. Literally spend hours trying to find something black but preppy but tough but cute
    (Okay maybe not literally)
  17. Let's go go go go breakfast
  18. Get your bag and you bike Lauren!!!
  19. Fieuw we made it again 💪🏼