Written by the fella in 26C
  1. Mr. I like to speak to people with speakerphone on so EVERYONE can hear my conversations. Seat 13B
  2. Little Miss I have an iPad with no headphones soooo I'm going to play Princess Cupcake War as loud as I can. Seat 27C
  3. Ms. Oh look, this button makes my seat go back, I'm going to slam it back as fast as I can. Seat 25C
  4. Ms. Oh wow, my brand new Bunko game box comes wit a bell, I wonder if it works...(ding)...so far so good...(ding)...(ding)...(ding)...still working...(ding)...(ding)...(ding)...(ding)...(ding)...(ding)... Seat 27F
  5. Mr. When I turn magazine pages I do it with such veracity that it sounds as if the pages insulted my mother. Seat 25G
  6. Mrs. I'm really glad I can sleep through my granddaughter playing her iPad at full volume with no headphones. Seat 27D