Fine, dummies. I'll explain it then.
  1. Ronda Rousey
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    She could beat the shit out of me. She's so good at what she does and seems passionate about it. There is also such a sweetness out of the ring. I'm down. She's also really pretty.
  2. Patricia Clarkson
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    A lot of joy behind those eyes. That voice. That laugh. She's got 55 years of life experience. I'd love to know how she views the world. She's also really pretty.
  3. That UCB Girl
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    You know the one that plays in that LA comedy girl basketball league and she's on my friend's team? That ponytail. She genuinely plays hard, but doesn't take it too seriously. How do you people not notice? Even worse, what if everyone does notice and she'll never be mine? She's also really pretty.
  4. Robyn
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    Her mind works in a way that is so fascinating. Dances like no one is looking, but crushes it. I see no judgement coming from her. Those songs. Loves robots. She's also really pretty.
  5. Mae Whitman
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    So emotionally available. So funny. Little, but takes up a lot of space. New Independence Day casting fucked up. She's also really pretty.
  6. Jessie Andrews
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    Yeah, so she does porn and models and is a DJ. Everything on paper adds up to perhaps not being a great fit for me, but she pulls it off beautifully. I respect the heck out of her. She loves being a woman. She's also really pretty.
  7. Nicky Kraft
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    Once you've seen that chest of hair, you'll understand.
    Suggested by @Nicholas