1. "Oh jeez! Let me get you a coaster..."
    It appears her table is expensive and I placed the drink she offered me on it in the wrong way. I don't own an expensive table.
  2. "I'm not really hungry, but I'll sit while you eat if you want."
    I assumed incorrectly that we'd be getting dinner. Now I'll have to cough over the sound of my stomach eating itself for the rest of the night.
  3. "I found these cool Mumford and Sons posters online..."
  4. "Do you really like beer?"
    I do.
  5. "I didn't realize how thin you are. I couldn't fit in those." *points to my jeans*
    I think you could. Would it be weird for me to say that? Or would she like it?...Dang, took too long. The moment is gone. Now I don't know what she just said.
  6. "Was that a weird goodnight?"
    Yep...(walks back and kisses her)...Best date ever.