1. A Walk to Remember
    Mandy is so nice and gets to experience love and being married and then dies.
  2. Marley and Me
    Even the worst dog is the best.
  3. Up
    Dat montage doe.
  4. My Girl
    Put his glasses on...
  5. Click
    Sandler missed everything.
  6. Her
    She met someone superior and Joaquin will never hold her attention again.
  7. Love Actually
    Emma Thompson fixes the bed because she just trying so hard to keep it all together.
  8. The Family Stone
    Being the perfect son can't save Keaton.
  9. Where the Wild Things Are
    Howling and looks moms give their children when they're home safe.
  10. The Wolf of Wall Street
    She's too hot. I can't take it.
  11. The 6th Man
    Suggested by @sam_grey