1. Step Up 1: More Time
    The whole crew is back for ONE. LAST. DANCE...or so we thought.
  2. Step Up 2: Many Cooks
    The whole crew is back again! But this time with a few more people who aren't as good.
  3. Step Up 3: Little Pigs
    The whole crew is back again with those extra people from before, and this time they have to battle animated pigs voiced by Topher Grace, Amanda Seyfried, and Morris Chestnut.
  4. Step Up 4: Some
    The whole crew is back with the people from earlier and those cartoon pigs, and they all dance and sex.
  5. Step Up 5: Guys
    Okay, so the gang, newbies, and cartoons finish the filthy sex dance and go to get some burgers at Five Guys because they're hungry now.
  6. The End