Stories Behind Clothes I'm Taking to Crossroads Trading Co.

Someone else will soon wear important times in my life.
  1. This Hat I'm Wearing - 2003
    I wore this hat almost everyday. It says Grateful Dead on the front and I just thought I looked awesome in it. Anything to distract from the fact that puberty was hitting me hard. The girlfriend I'm joyfully hugging would soon make out with a hot guy from another school. He's in an awesome LA band now. Also @sam_grey looks cool on the left. We were 15.
  2. Older Brother's Shirt- 2006
    We are 4 years apart, so growing up was tough. It wasn't until his senior year in high school that we became close. My class took a field trip that year to spend time with the seniors. My brother immediately found me when we got there and pulled me away from my class, so that i could hang with his friends and seem cool. The chaperone didn't know where I was and was panicked. When she found me, the rest of my class was with her. I was hanging with seniors. I looked cool. We are best friends now.
  3. St. Patrick's Day - 2007
    My freshman year of college. Did a "century club"--100 shots of beer in 100 minutes--using Guinness to "pregame" for the night. As my group of friends walked to take the train, I realized I was going to pass out and walked to my dorm room, which I shared with @Shrimptooth, instead. I fell onto my bed safely. Woke up hours later to violently throw up on our floor. I cleaned it up the best I could. Woke again hours later to my roommate yelling "What am I stepping in?". I lied. Said it was nothing.
  4. New Years - 2008
    Winter break from college. House party. Really feeling like The Libertines were going to get back together. I was into looking "British" though I'd only been to Heathrow for a connecting flight. Listened to 1999 by Prince on repeat all day to get pumped to party. Drank gin that I brought. Other people were doing real drugs. Realized I couldn't hang. Didn't have a proper kiss that New Years and crashed on a couch.
  5. Mom Gift - Last Year
    This shirt is really awesome. My mother claims she bought this for me years ago and forgot to give it to me. She found it in her closet. Wish I could wear it, but it's too small. It is for a child. None of my memories were made in this shirt, but I hope some small boy or girl enjoys it. Thanks anyway, Mom!