1. Best TV Mafia Boss:
    Tony Soprano
  2. Best Old Crooner Currently Working With GaGa:
    Tony Bennett
  3. Best Professional Skateboarder With a Video Game I Played A Lot:
    Tony Hawk
  4. Best Guy Who Dies At The End Of "Angels In The Outfield" Because He "Smoked For Years":
    Tony Danza
  5. Best Hitter In My Day With A Full Butt:
    Tony Gwynn
  6. Best Over Acting By Al Pacino:
    Tony Montana
  7. Best Giant Guy Who Is a Self-Help Guru:
    Tony Robbins
  8. Best Quarterback Who Isn't Very Good At Winning The Big Game:
    Tony Romo
  9. Best Overlooked Member Of G-Unit:
    Tony Yayo
  10. Best Restaurant Chain I Only Seemed To Eat After A Soccer Tournament As A Boy:
    Tony Roma's
  11. Best Character That Turned Robert Downey Jr. Into A Caricature Of Himself Years Later:
    Tony Stark
  12. Best Tiger Wearing a Scarf:
    Tony the Tiger