R. Kelly is not a good guy and this is a recap of his greatest artistic achievement. Enjoy.
  1. Chapter 1 begins with Sylvester (R. Kelly) waking up in a bed that is not his own.
  2. It is 7AM and does not recall how he got here.
  3. A woman who is not his wife, kisses him.
  4. Sylvester grabs his keys to leave, but is stopped by the woman. He's informed that her husband is coming up the stairs.
  5. They've both committed adultery it appears.
  6. Sylvester must now hide in the closet.
  7. Lying about no one being there, the woman and her husband proceed to begin making love on the bed.
  8. Sylvester's phone rings and he tries to switch to vibrate, but not before the husband hears.
  9. The husband proceeds to investigate, eventually walking toward the closet.
  10. Chapter 1 ends with Sylvester taking out his gun and the husband opening the closet.
  11. Chapter 2 begins with the husband freaking out and arguing with his wife caught cheating.
  12. It is revealed the husband is a pastor, which surprises Sylvester because of his violent outbursts.
  13. The pastor husband tells his wife and Sylvester that he has a secret of his own to reveal.
  14. The husband then calls someone on the phone, telling the person to turn the car around.
  15. The person arrives downstairs and is called up by the husband, which worries Sylvester to point of threatening to shoot the husband and wife.
  16. Sylvester is preparing to shoot when there is a knock on the door.
  17. Chapter 2 ends with the husband answering the door and the secret person turning out to be another man.
  18. Chapter 3 starts with Sylvester yelling that he needs to leave and that everyone else here is weird.
  19. The cheating wife demands him to stay and argues with her husband about whose cheating is worse.
  20. It's revealed the cheating husband is named Rufus.
  21. The secret guy is named Chuck and tries to explain how his affair started with the cheating husband/pastor/Rufus, but is stopped.
  22. It's revealed that the cheating wife is really named Cathy, even though she had lied to Sylvester previously and told him her name was Mary.
  23. More yelling between the group causes Sylvester to fire warning shots from his gun out of frustration.
  24. It quiets the room and the other three get on the floor.
  25. Sylvester calls his home number from his cell phone, only to be shocked to hear a male voice answering the phone instead of his wife.
  26. Chapter 3 ends with Sylvester running out the door, while the rest of the group stays on the floor.
  27. Chapter 4 opens with Sylvester driving home in anger.
  28. Sylvester gets pulled over by a policeman for speeding.
  29. Upon arriving home, Sylvester asks who is the man who answered the phone.
  30. His wife says it was her brother, who she reminds Sylvester, just was released from prison.
  31. Sylvester apologizes for forgetting and the couple begins having sex.
  32. The love making becomes so intense that Sylvester starts cramping and worries he'll have a seizure.
  33. Chapter 4 ends as Sylvester flips the covers back on the bed to find a "rubber" or a used condom.
  34. Chapter 5 starts with Sylvester demanding answers from his cheating wife.
  35. Sylvester gets increasingly angry, badmouthing his wife until she says she's had enough of him being hypocritical.
  36. The wife tells Sylvester about how she knows he went home with another woman from the club last night because the wife was also at that club with this other guy.
  37. Sylvester wants the man's name and the wife launches into her story out of fear.
  38. She brings up her friends "Roxanne" and "Tina" to Sylvester, but Sylvester doesn't know who those women are and that makes him more upset.
  39. The wife continues her story, bringing up guys named "Rufus" and "Chuck", which Sylvester can't believe because it must be those guys from before..
  40. It turns out that Sylvester's wife went to high school with Cathy from Sylvester's affair previously.
  41. Cathy is the one who introduced Sylvester's wife to the policeman who stopped Sylvester on his way home.
  42. Chapter 5 ends with Sylvester realizing his wife slept with that policeman who stopped him for speeding.
  43. ...to be continued...?