1. I love lemon Starbursts and will trade you whatever flavors you prefer for your yellows
    Not a joke or acting chivalrous. You would never have to feel guilty. I genuinely prefer them.
  2. Adorable nephews
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  3. My very own Netflix account and Apple TV
    Stealing someone's HBO Go password though...but they wouldn't see what titles we're choosing.
  4. I don't live in the same state as my parents so you wouldn't have to worry about meeting them for a long time
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    Let's just enjoy ourselves.
  5. Useless facts
    I can always talk to your friend's weird boyfriend about his hobby or where he's from because my brain is filled to the brim with trivial knowledge. It makes me seem interested as well! We could also win some free drinks or prizes at a bar trivia night.
  6. Financial debt
  7. Okay at playing the guitar and singing
    Not well enough to be intimidating, so you can always feel free go join in, but savvy enough to perhaps make you proud.
  8. Loyalty