1. Game of Thrones
    Im currently re-watching for the (up tenth time) with my 72 yr old father-in-law and sister-in-law. They are in love.
  2. Breaking Bad
    Say my name....What?....Say my name.......Heisenburg.?....You're GODDAMN right!
  3. The Walking Dead
    The "Clear" episode was filmed in my hometown! I drive past the "AWAY WITH YOU" wall about 5 days a week.
  4. The Office
    It's my late night guilty please. I've seen it sooooo many times but still laugh like it's the first each time. Jim and Pam's love store is the bee's knees.
  5. Skins
    Several Game of Thrones actors on this little gem. Gendry...Gilly...Orell to name a few.
  6. The Night Of.
    New show. Sadly a limited series but this show is superb. Nice to see an accurate portrayal of a middle-eastern family that's not a stereotype.
  7. Deadwood
    Ian McShane is BRILLIANT in this show. He plays the hell out of his character 'Al Swearengen'. Watching him go from potty mouth antagonist to potty mouth protagonist was a joy and absolutely delightful.
  8. Broad City
    I didnt watch until the 2nd season because I thought it was a Girls rip off but boy was I wrong. These broads keep me laughing.
  9. Bob's Burger
    I can't get enough of this shit!