In no particular order...
  1. Roasted chicken, Zuni Cafe, SF
  2. Chocolate chip cookie, Proper, SF
  3. Burnt almond cake, La Patisserie, Cupertino
  4. Fresh apple fritter (cooked around midnight), Bob's Donuts, SF
  5. Al pastor super burrito, El Farolito, SF
  6. Sticky roll, Arizmendi Bakery, SF
  7. Onion rings, Islands Burgers, Cupertino
  8. Arnold Palmer (hold the ice), Roy's, SF
  9. Cotton candy, Alexander's Steakhouse, SF or Cupertino
  10. Almond croissant, Bouchon Bakery, Yountville
  11. Buttermilk fried chicken, Ad Hoc, Yountville
  12. Prime Rib, House of Prime Rib, SF
  13. Shrimp fried rice, Tu Lan, SF
  14. Sushi, Yum Yum Fish, SF
  15. Banana Cake, Icing on the Cake, Los Gatos
  16. BBQ, Hill Country BBQ, Food Truck
  17. Deep dish pizza, Little Star, SF
  18. Walnut pie, Mission Pies, SF
  19. Oatmeal, Sentinel, SF
  20. Croissant French toast, Chloe's Cafe, SF
  21. Meat torta, Ongpin, San Bruno