Don't feel like bitterly watching the MLS Cup because your team isn't playing? Here's a list of other soccer-themed viewing choices.
  1. Fever Pitch (1997) - Colin Firth stars in this very English film inspired by the football memoir written by Nick Hornby. Firth is a teacher who recounts his love of Arsenal Football Club while he develops a relationship with another teacher. It's a very Arsenal movie. Currently streaming on Netflix.
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  2. The Class of '92 (2013) - A pretty good documentary about the six youngsters who grew up together in the Manchester United academy and then made the first team monolithic. Good viewing whether you like ManU or not. Currently streaming on Netflix.
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  3. Once in a Lifetime (2006) - Ever wonder why MLS pays most league player salaries? Or why teams are only allowed three high-wage players? Or why parity is so important? The story of the New York Cosmos and the NASL will answer all of those questions. Available to rent or buy on Amazon Video.
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  4. Victory (1981) - I've only ever seen this movie once and it was when I was child, so I don't remember much. But what more could you want? It stars Michael Caine, Pele, and Sylvester Stallone as an American who has to play goalkeeper against the Nazis. Available to purchase on Amazon Video.
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  5. The Two Escobars (2010) - Considered the best 30 for 30 documentary, this film tells the riveting story of Andres Escobar, Pablo Escobar, and Columbian soccer. Required viewing for fans of international soccer. Currently streaming on Netflix.
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  6. Narcos (2015) - Yeah, it's not about soccer, but it is an excellent Netflix series about the terror Pablo Escobar wrought on Columbia. Even though it has a cheesy voice over, it co-stars Pedro Pascal. And wouldn't you want to watch something other than the Columbus Crew? Currently streaming on Netflix.
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  7. White, Blue and White (2014) - A shorter 30 for 30 about Osvaldo Ardiles and Ricky Villa when they played for Tottenham during the Falklands War. Great story of friendship. But what's with the FA Cup song tradition? Currently streaming on Netflix.
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  8. 30 for 30: Hillsborough (2014) - Once upon a time the stands behind each goal were standing room only. Sounds dangerous? Well, it was and this documentary tells the story of how the worst stadium tragedy in English FA history happened and its effect on not only the survivors, but soccer. Currently streaming on Netflix.
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