1. 1). Does numbering from 10 to 1 imply the list will be funny?
  2. 2). If so, does that mean that #1 has to be way better than #10?
  3. 4). If you overestimate the number of funny entries you can think of, should you change the title or skip a number and hope no one notices?
  4. 5). Does a number of list entries higher than 10 make you more or less likely to read the list?
  5. 6). If a list uses "nude" in the title, how can you NOT check it out?
  6. 7). How many other people got this app because B.J. Novak was in The Office?
  7. 8). By the way, other co-founders of the List App, is he still cool?
  8. 9). Why can I never reach 10 intelligent things to say about a single topic? Oh well, practice, practice, practice.