1. Stage Door (1937) - Katharine Hepburn plays a young woman of privilege that decides to make it on her own. She moves into a boarding house with a group of struggling actresses. The impressive, largely female cast includes Ginger Rogers and Lucille Ball.
  2. Christopher Strong (1933) - Hepburn plays an aristocratic aviatrix in this impressive, yet depressing, story of adultery and disgrace. Her character falls in love with a married politician.
  3. Summertime (1955) - Hepburn plays an uptight American teacher on the vacation of a lifetime in beautiful Venice, where she meets a handsome Italian and married man. Venice is a scene-stealing co-star.
  4. On Golden Pond (1981) - Hepburn and Henry Fonda both received Oscars for their performances in this story of relationships - an elderly couple, a father and daughter, a man and his future son-in-law.
  5. Adam's Rib (1949) - George Cukor directed this film, the best of the Hepburn-Tracy films. They play a married pair of lawyers that find themselves opposing each other in a murder case - he is the prosecuting attorney and she the defense attorney. The film is funny and smart, with sharp dialogue.
  6. The African Queen (1951) - Humphrey Bogart received his Oscar for his performance as a boat captain in German East Africa at the outbreak of World War I. Hepburn plays a Methodist ministry. Together they conspire to take his boat down the river to destroy a German gunship.
  7. Holiday (1938) - George Cukor directs Grant and Hepburn for the second time in this story about a man that gets engaged after knowing a girl for less than two weeks and then we he goes to meet the family he simultaneously realizes he has little in common with the girl and starts to fall for her sister.
  8. Morning Glory (1933) - Prophetically, Katharine Hepburn won her first Oscar for playing a young actress that gets her big break. The film co-stars John Barrymore.
  9. The Lion in Winter (1968) - This film adaptation of the Broadway play casts Hepburn as Eleanor of Aquitaine alongside Peter O'Toole as Henry II, with a very young Anthony Hopkins and Timothy Dalton in supporting roles.
  10. The Philadelphia Story (1940) - Katherine Hepburn so wanted to make this film that she bought the rights to the play and recruited the director (George Cukor) and co-stars Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant.